Brussels is a divided place, you can clearly see this all over the city. From the political landscape to religious beliefs. Even in the taste of music. However, music can also bring people together, under one flag so to speak.


This flag represents the current state of Brussels, and by extension Belgium. In essence, it’s a deconstruction of the Belgian flag. Everything is divided but is also connected to each other in one way or another. As in everything, there is always something that keeps everything together. Could this be music?


The answer is an embassy for musical expression. People with different backgrounds can come here and pass on their musical heritage, creating a safe space with a sense of belonging.


The first thing I did , I made a casco. You’re basically left with a hard exterior shell, an impenetrable box, a solid stone building, a symbol of authority. When we look at the second layer, the interior, we can see that it is the total opposite. Soft curtains, a wall of fabric, a safe place, a symbol for openness.


The reason why I created a casco was not only to establish a big contrast between the outside and the inside but also to allow bigger groups to come and practice. Every group is different so the design of the room should also be different each and every time. For example, when you are playing classical music it's preferred to have hard surfaces so the noice can bounce of the walls. However when a group of drummers is practicing the last thing they want is the sound bouncing back at them. They need soft surfaces.


The solution, curtains. A simple but effective way to guarantee acoustic vallues for each individual. This means that each person is the designer of its own room and they may even create their own acoustic identity. When you’re in the room you can play with the contrast between the solid outside and soft inside. Slide away a part of the curtain and you get confronted with the hard exterior shell.